Thursday 23 May 2019

Cindy's Voices: Casual Conversation #4

Cindy's Voices: Casual Conversation #4: Visiting with Julie Elizabeth Powell Today I am chatting with Julie Elizabeth Powell.  Hi Julie and welcome.  Can you share a little ...

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Kicking Ass!

Never give up! Kicking Ass: Women Fighting Back - 7 stories box set #mixgenre #fantasy #thriller #nonfiction #humour #mystery #paranormal

 I have always admired strong females and from experience, understand the many pressures all women have to undergo. A few of my protagonists are female and, I think, to coin an American phrase, ‘kick ass’. Even though I’m English, I love the expression.

So, then, here are seven stories about women, who I think are tough in varying ways; from dealing with the tormenting loss of a child, to creating a world so to deal with those tangled feelings, to women who fight against insanity, to those who will never give up regardless of their situations. Whether it is because of how they perceive their bodies or are trapped in impossible situations. Follow their battles and, you never know, you might come out the other end much stronger.
No, I am not a feminist, but do think that women have to constantly prove themselves worthy and deserve at least as much respect as the opposite sex.

Keep on kicking ass!


Slings & Arrows (non-fiction, a true story)
Gone (fantasy, inspired by what happened in Slings & Arrows)
Of Sound Mind (fantasy)
The Puzzling Brain Of Martha Tidberry (paranormal fantasy)
Dirty Business (crime thriller)
A Murderer’s Heart (psychological murder mystery)
Misadventures Of Fatwoman (humour)

Timeless Christmas

Here is a new boxed set from nine authors called, Timeless Christmas, which will immerse you into the spirit of the season.

What would you like for Christmas? For those who can’t decide, how about a set of stories to immerse you in the spirit of the season?

Timeless Christmas is a box set of stories through the eyes of nine authors, who will transport you into worlds of the past, present and future.

Enchant your mind, body and soul and let your Christmas spirit soar.

Maxine Murphy
Angela Gray
Regina Folles Morris
C. Forrest Lundin
Suzy Stewart Dubot
Cherime MacFarlane
Julie Elizabeth Powell
Holly Barbo
Ella Medler

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Tuesday 27 February 2018


Henry's back, this time in a mire of demons and 'out of time'.  Here's where you can read more...

Here's where you can buy it for only 99p /99c...

Weird: A Henry Ian Darling Oddity: Missive Four #paranormal #fantasy #mystery #odd #strange #weird #adventure


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Thursday 15 February 2018

Freebies of Fantasy

Great news!

From 21-24 February they'll be some fantasy books for FREE!

Don't miss out. 

Two of my books are there, too -

The Star Realm

Weird: A Henry Ian Darling Oddity: Missive One.