Monday, 4 February 2013

I am an author and part of that includes reading.  So for the purposes of this blog, I will be posting reviews, thoughts and feelings about other people's work.  I will be choosing from the self-publishing pool, as those from publishing houses have enough help, and independent writers have virtually nothing on their side.

Of course, I am self-published, so I have extensive knowledge and experience of this subject and there will be times that I'll talk about what it means to me, the pitfalls and the positives.

However, for the most part it will be about other self-published authors and their work.

As I've said, I am an author and love to write, but reading is an essential part of that process, in my opinion, and having been involved with the self-publishing arena for many years, I've found that I actually prefer stories from there, rather than the ones that fill the shelves in bookshops and supermarkets.


I'm not saying that all are bad, and actually, my favourite author is Dean Koontz, however, over the years, I've found most to be of a certain formula that don't think 'outside the box' nor push boundaries or are just 'different'.  With self-published books, there are no bounds.

Traditional books are there because they are 'safe', in that they make money for the publishing houses, who are afraid to take risks on anyone or anything new - that is what I think.

I will talk more about self-publishing in another post.

This is just an introduction away from my website.  A place mainly for posting reviews, especially in the light of Amazon's next proposal - to delete all reviews where the books haven't been purchased from them.  As a reviewer, this makes it difficult, as I cannot afford to buy everyone's book.  Most are given to me through other book sites, where I review, or I download free because they look good.  I always state that mobi files for my Kindle are best because the only time I have for reading now is at night - there are great converter sites to do the job.  Paperbacks are far too expensive and authors have little to spare.

So here is my first posting, where to add as frequently as possible, but time is my enemy and really, writing has to come first.

Now I have to do this, being my own marketer /promoter - all my books can be found on Amazon (Kindle editions) and Lulu (paperback)



Thanks to anyone who reads this.