Saturday, 15 June 2013

Darker Reads You May Enjoy 

I seem to be graduating towards darker stories lately, whether that's because I've just published my latest novel, a horror called, 13 I'm not sure.  But I did enjoy bringing out that 'not so nice' part of me, where I could kill, maim and just cause havoc (and I'll never tell upon who my characters were based).

13 was an experiment and I think it worked.  So this has prompted me to further delve into the darker side of nature - where it will take me, I'm not sure.  Good to be bad, though!


What is found within the depths of the human soul? Does wickedness linger, as if the Devil’s thumb is ready to pluck the strings of certain choices? And with the strumming, just how far will Evil spread?

13 is the story of random souls pitted against the tragedy of the modern world.

Will they decipher the unknown and make it out alive?

Warning: strong language and scenes of violence /horror 


Here is the link to the book trailer video of 13.

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13 is currently only £1.33 and can be found on Amazon UK and USA (Kindle), as can all my other books.  Print copies are on Lulu.

Here are some other reads that should appeal to your darker side.

 314 by A.R. Wise

My Review

Reminiscent of Stephen King and James Herbert, this book has all the ingredients to scare and manipulate the imagination. It has mystery, intrigue and held my attention throughout. I liked the 'circular' feel and how it went forward and back in time - cleverly done, with a surprise 'ending'.

The characters were believable, although the impression of Alma quickly changed from when first introduced - we certainly follow her through the ups and downs of her journey.

I don't give spoilers but will say that if you like to be wowed with fear and mystery then this story is for you. A well-written tale that will bring tingles to your spine.

Of course, I've had to buy book 2 of the trilogy. 

Collapse by Richard Stephenson

My Review

I loved this book from beginning to end and can't wait for the next installment. It is fast-paced, well-written (despite the typos) and controversial in its hard-hitting, gritty plot. I liked the way each of the characters developed, allowing the story to become a very personal one due to the reader being able to invest in what they did and how they fared. My favourite character being Max and the most interesting being Howard.

I don't what to give spoilers, but I will say that although it is a very long book, it's worth every page. Yes, I would recommend this story to those who like action and a thought provoking, clever, while at the same time, frightening, read.

A must read.


Dark Spaces by Dionne Lister

My Review

I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book.

A clever and insightful collection of stories that deals with the darker side of the human condition. I thoroughly enjoyed every story, all of which were well-written, most sending a shiver up my spine in the reading.

I don't give spoilers, but will say that the author deals with themes such as insanity and fear, while bringing alive the characters in such a way that we can only feel their pain, sadness and...badness.



Kinesis by Ethan Spier

My Review

Wow, this book had me hooked from the beginning! A disturbing first scene and yet a fantastic start to an interesting and intriguing idea. Seemingly set into the future (or a world a little different from the one we know), this story involves a fascinating subject - telekinesis, and what could happen to those who have such a gift (or curse).

I don't give spoilers, but it is a gripping read, believable in an intriguing way, with great characters and splendidly written, in that it pulls along the reader at an almighty speed (despite the typos). It is both alarming and exciting, dark and yet highlights the human condition from different angle /evolutionary stance.

An excellent read and highly recommended.


I hope you enjoy this selection of great reads.  Please take the time to post a positive review if you like them.

Thank you.

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